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It’s hardly possible to imagine today’s reality without the achievements of what we usually call “the latest technology” and their widespread utilization. We are not only surrounded by highly complex devices and computer software, most of us also tend to use them without giving much thought to how advanced they actually are. And we at Evermotion are far from saying that this is a bad thing. Quite the contrary, actually – our mission is to make the process of incorporating the newest technological advances into your life even easier, faster and more pleasant. We specifically focus on high-quality 3D models that play a crucial part in numerous fields and branches, such us gaming industry, film industry, interior design, fashion, gardening, architecture, mechanics, science, medicine, education or archeology to name just a few. As a matter of fact, whether you are a professional or simply passionate about something – if you aim at designing anything you most probably can’t do without the proper 3D models.

Our online shop offers a wide range of 3D models that can be easily and conveniently used in all types of visualizations, designs and projects. You can choose from thousands of high-quality 3D models for all occasions: from characters 3D models, through animals 3D models to props and gadgets 3D models. Don’t forget to check our free 3D products as well! You may also want to have a look at the available tutorials on how to use the 3D technology best.

What are 3D models ?

Before we start describing the numerous ways in which 3D models can be used, let us look at some basic information regarding 3D models, especially with those of you in mind who have just began their adventure with putting them to use. By definition a 3D model is a mathematical representation of the surface of any object in three dimensions created with the use of specialized computer software in one of the two possible ways. The artist either forms or deforms polygonal surfaces and thus creates a new model. Another way to create a desired 3D model is to scan a real-life object and, again via specialized software, create a digital representation of the object in question.

Thanks to the advancements in technology and growing availability of 3D printers, 3D models are utilized more and more often in various fields: science, medicine, entertainment, education and everyday life in many ways. With 3D printers available for an increasing number of regular people it is possible to design and 3D print at home your own set of tools or the perfect smartphone case designed by yourself and according to your unique requirements. At the same time doctors save lives by transplanting 3D printed organs and architects design skyscrapers and examine how they are going to function in case of an earthquake, a tornado or another disaster using very complex and complicated 3D models. To make a long story short – it would be very difficult to point to a field that does not rely on 3D models application in any way. Whether professionally or in private life – you are more and more likely to come across 3D technology and start using it on your own.

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Wide-spread utilization of 3D models across different fields and branches

3D technology has revolutionized work processes in many fields, it opened doors and created possibilities that people never dreamt about before. Designing and manufacturing processes have become faster, more efficient and much cheaper. Not only recreation of real-life objects is now possible. Utterly new worlds, things and phenomena can be created that otherwise would never emerge from the depths of the designers’ imagination. It is safe to say that 3D models are a powerful tool that makes the world a better, safer and more interesting place.

Filming industry could not really operate nowadays without the extended use of scenery 3D models, animals 3D models, characters 3D models or even 3D models bundles. It would be simply impossible to create the impressive graphics and special effects in productions like “The Games of Thrones” or “Fast and Furious” series if it wasn’t for the sophisticated architectural elements 3D models or texture and landscape 3D models. Blockbusters for children like “Smurfs” or “Moana” would have never been made if it weren’t for the application of the 3D technology, too. Ever since the release of “Avatar” in 2009 the filming industry has been utilizing 3D technology more and more frequently and to a greater extend. As majority of productions for children are animated stories, it is safe to say that 3D technology absolutely dominated this part of the industry.

Interestingly, it is common to outsource ready 3D models from online shops like Evermotion rather than to create new models. It is faster, cheaper and much more convenient to utilize ready-to-use models than to invest time and money into making new ones.
Similarly, the gaming world has been revolutionized by the introduction of 3D models. Over the time games have become much more complex and it wouldn’t be easy to find one that does not include 3D elements. Being so used to the life-like looks of characters in games and meticulously designed sceneries and interiors with very naturally-looking details, we may forget that not more than fifteen years ago everything looked much, much different. We all can enjoy playing games even more thanks to the widespread use of 3D models in their making. All scenes 3D models, appliances 3D models, electronics 3D models, food 3D models, furniture 3D models, greenery and plants 3D models, not to mention characters and animals 3D models all play crucial part in the process of creating modern games. Companies that produce games very often prefer to purchase 3D models available on marketplace sites instead of making them. Check out the wide range of ready-to-use 3D models that you can use to speed your business up!

Another branch that increasingly turns towards the 3D technology is marketing and advertising. Thanks to creative application of advanced 3D models commercial authors are limited by nothing but their imagination. 3D technology is a powerful tool with a great potential. It allows to show the product from every angle, to rotate it or create an animation that can go far beyond real-life constrains. Modern commercials are often small masterpieces that leave the audience impressed for a long time.
However, it’s not only professionals from the entertainment and marketing world that can benefit from the availability of the 3D technology. In other fields and branches it is also possible to simplify the everyday work by incorporating ready 3D models. There are other professional groups that will without any doubt find them useful: architects, interior designers, outdoor designers, urban designers. It doesn’t take a degree in architecture to understand that constructing a building that is going to be used in real life is a long, complex and expensive process. The amount of data, necessary calculating and possible scenarios to simulate can be overwhelming. Most of those are not apparent in traditional 2D drafts. Thanks to 3D technology architects are able to manage the wealth of information and carry out simulations of the building process before actually putting brick to brick. What is more, safety can be increased by showcasing scenarios including fire, flood, bomb attack or an earthquake.

With the whole range of 3D models available in our shop, it’s possible to choose from lightning 3D models, furniture 3D models, plants 3D models or whole 3D bundles. They will make your design work faster, easier and much more fun. Our naturally-looking furniture 3D models are appropriate for all types of designs – from rooms, through flats and houses to bigger constructions like office buildings or shopping centers.
As recently as several years ago majority of schools had no or very limited access to computers, the Internet and other forms of the newest technology. Fortunately, this has changed and a growing number of educational institution utilizes the technological achievements in their everyday work. Students more and more often bring laptops to schools and classes are conducted with the incorporation of advanced technology. 3D models play a remarkable role in this process, especially in case of higher-education students. A good example of it might be students of medicine being educated about human anatomy with the use of 3D technology. It is now possible to have a deep and careful look inside the human body at any time convenient. Another group of students benefiting greatly from the utilization of 3D models are future engineers and architects. However, it’ not only college and university students who can experience a better-quality learning thanks to the 3D technology. Even children in kindergartens and primary schools have contact with it on daily basis, e.g. when they learn a foreign language. Most modern courses for children include a multimedia component which could not be created without the extended use of animals 3D models, characters 3D models, food 3D models, sport & hobby 3D models and other.

3D technology enhances many educational processes, completes traditional textbooks and makes the teaching-learning process faster, more exciting and easier for both parties. You are more than welcome to familiarize yourself with the rich choice of ready-to-use life-like 3D models available in our shop. You don’t need to be an 3D artist yourself to utilize the technology in your everyday life. It is always a good idea to purchase professional high-quality products and put them to use in your projects.
Yet another branch that could not really go back to times when 3D technology was not available is manufacturing and product design. Manufacturing any complex physical object composed of many elements is always a huge challenge for engineers. The separate elements have to work together in a perfect way and function as assumed in the design. To achieve that hundreds if not thousands of tests are necessary. The parts are often very expensive and the costs of such tests might be unimaginably high. Utilization of 3D models makes it possible to test rigorously each part separately as well as together with the rest of the designed device or machine. Different scenarios may be animated and potential mistakes and errors corrected before the actual manufacturing process takes place. A lot of money and time is saved thanks to the 3D technology.

With 3D technology so widely utilized in civil fields it comes as no surprise that governments and military eagerly reach to its amazing potential. 3D simulation is increasingly used in the police and military trainings to prepare them for real-life combats, terrorist attacks, crowd management and any other threats possible. Also urban problems are easier to manage and solve with the 3D models and possible simulations. A good example might be the city traffic-light system or drainage system and how it functions in different conditions. In areas where natural disasters pose a threat to the population complex 3D simulations may help save thousands of human lives.

A few words on how 3D models are made

In order to create 3D models, special computer software must be used. There are quite a few of them available on the market, ranging from those allowing to create simple 3D models for your own needs to those really complex ones with advanced features addressing the requirements of professional 3D artists. The most commonly used are:

  • AutoCAD – this is the absolute classics. It goes back to the beginning of 1980s when very few people dreamt it would ever be possible to apply 3D technology anywhere else than military or engineering. It is still up-to-date with the latest trends and remains the gold standard in the designing world.
  • ZBrush – this is a very popular software for professionals. It’s based on clay-sculpting techniques and allows to create high-level 3D models. As it is not very easy to master it’s not recommended for not advanced users. If you are only a beginner in the 3D modeling world try something similar but much simpler, like Sculptris released by the same company – Pixologic.
  • 3DS Max – this is another highly-advanced software for professional artists and designers. It takes a long time to master but it’s definitely worth taking the effort. This product by Autodesk is very commonly used to create not only 3D models but also engineering simulations and animations.
  • SketchUp – this might be the optimal choice for architects and interior designers. It is perfect for creating architectural visualizations, interior designs and outdoor planning, like gardens or urban areas. It is also recommended for non-beginners as it requires some time and skills to be able to use its full potential.
  • Blender – if you are up to creating animated films, video games , visual effects, interactive apps or any other kind of art and you are looking for a free and user-friendly software, Blender is probably what you are looking for.

All the above described computer software let you create your own 3D models according to your particular needs. There are tutorials available in our online shop on how to use them. However, it is also worth remembering that it’s not necessary for you to spend extra time and effort making new models. You can choose from thousands of high-quality ready-to-use 3D models available in our shop. We offer a wide collection of 3D models that will undoubtedly meet the highest requirements of even the most demanding clients. With us you save your time and effort and can fully focus on your projects. Let us help you achieve the best quality faster, easier and more conveniently!

3D models make your business grow

If you run your business that operates in any of the fields mentioned above and you still have not started using 3D models to impress and attract potential clients, it high time you did! 3D technology undoubtedly revolutionized business presentations. The most important advantages of presenting your product or service with the use of 3D models are:

  • they are realistic, easy to comprehend for the client and it is possible to alter or improve them quickly according to your client’s needs; if you are an architect or an interior designer a 3D presentation of your design will be much more appealing and exciting to look at than even the most professional 2D sketch especially for people who do not work with them on everyday basis,
  • there is no business without marketing and advertising; people are generally becoming more and more used to the presence of 3D technology in their lives. They see it being widely used in movies, games and commercials. If you want to keep up, you may simply have no choice but to start using 3D models yourself to advertise your business,
  • 3D technology can be easily used across cultures and languages; a well-made animated presentation of your product or service will be understood in a natural way even by people who do not speak your language.

What you will need to prepare an effective 3D presentation are appropriate 3D models that will make your product or service attractive and appealing to the audience. Look no further! Evermotion offers numerous 3D models that will allow you to create anything you are able to imagine. Naturally looking, high-quality models range from texture & landscapes 3D models, all scenes 3D models, bundles and collections 3D models and architectural elements 3D models to very detailed life-like greenery and plants 3D models, characters and animals 3D models and even lightning 3D models or props & gadgets 3D models. Making your own professional 3D presentation has never been so easy!

3D models for non-pros

3D technology is a fantastic tool and you can enjoy utilizing it even of you are not a professional architect or an engineer. With the growing availability of 3D printers and all kinds of software dedicated to working in the 3D environment you can have some fun with it as well.

Imagine that you want to redecorate your house. It’s highly recommended to first think things over and prepare a design and only then to start moving or getting rid of the old furniture and buying particular colors of paints or wallpapers. With our ready-to-use 3D models making up a project has become much easier. Instead of preparing an old-fashioned 2D sketch of the particular room you can create a detailed 3D design with furniture 3D models. Such a design is much more clear and understanding it does not take a degree in architecture. What is more, you can add all the small details like plants, paintings, books or even electronics 3D models and appliances 3D models and thus make the design as close to reality as never before.

The same goes for designing your yard or garden. If you are not sure what kind of plants to choose and how to arrange them, it is a good idea to prepare a 3D design first. It will not only show you what the garden will look like with the plants chosen by you. You can also check what is going to happen when the plants get bigger or what your garden is going to look like in different seasons. You can simulate various sizes and colors as well as weather conditions e.g. snow or full sun.

Another possible application of 3D models in your private life is preparing your own animations or presentations e.g. for social media or your youtube channel. Sometimes it is easier to communicate your opinions and visions to the world through pictures rather than words – accordingly to the old saying “an image speaks a thousand words”.

Tutorials – learn how to use 3D models best

Evermotion does not only sell 3D models. We also tell you how to utilize them best so that you and your organization benefit most. In our offer you will find tutorials on how to use particular 3D software e.g SKETCHUP to achieve best results. We also give some ideas on how to use our 3D models bundles to make the most of them.